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Ramadan Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Insh’Allah Saturday, May 27th  will be the first day of Ramadan and Friday, 26th  of May will be the first night of Taraweeh prayers.  May Allah (swt) inspire us to occupy ourselves in the month of Ramadan in worship and may Allah (swt) accept all of our ibadah; fasting, taraweeh prayers, zakat, fitrah and sadaqah.

At the Selimiye Mosque we are continuously working very hard to serve the needs of our brothers and sisters.  As you know, providing iftar dinners as a form of charity is very rewarding.  Therefore, iftar dinners will be offered every night at our Mosque with the generous help of fellow Muslims.  This way, we also hope to help and provide for Muslims whose time and situation make it difficult for them to eat halal food.  For those who would like to provide iftar dinners, please contact the Mosque staff.  The cost for iftar during weeknights is $400 and during weekends it is $600.  You may also wish to share the cost with other brothers and sisters.

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